1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Hi, I’m Bre!

I am a Registered Dietitian and certified personal trainer. I have my MS in nutrition and functional medicine and training in culinary nutrition. I would love to work with you, to help you to improve your health and reach your health goals! 

I value holistic (whole person) health, so although our conversations will be primarily based on food and eating habits, we can also talk about other lifestyle factors that may be impacting your health. Personally, I have learned how much exercise can improve my mood and energy level. As a personal trainer, I value the impact that exercise and movement can have, in combination with healthy eating, on both physical and mental health. 

One more thing about me – I prefer and feel best when I eat simple flavorful meals with foods that nourish my body well. If there are too many ingredients in a recipe or it takes too long to make, I personally will probably choose something else. – I’m confident that I can help you also eat in a way that promotes good health, while still being practical and enjoyable for you!

Nourish your body well so that you can live
the life you were created for.”

Build a Healthy Relationship With Food

Building a healthy relationship with food is an essential step in reaching your health goals.


Find the Tools & confidence You need

Discovering the tools and confidence to make healthy eating practical and achievable is crucial in making it sustainable.


Discover what Healthy & balanced eating is

Healthy and balanced eating can be nourishing, flavorful and enjoyable. It doesn’t have to be just one.

I Believe…

Food can definitely be medicine, and eating well and getting the nutrients our bodies need can make a huge difference in reducing inflammation, improving and preventing many chronic diseases, improving mental well-being and energy level, and so much more. But food isn’t just medicine. It isn’t just the nutrients or fuel. It is tied to our health, but also to our emotions, experiences, memories, culture, and so much more!

How I Can Help

Are you wanting to change the way you eat to improve your health but don’t know where to start?

I would love to work with you to create an individualized plan, to take steps toward meeting your personal health goals.

Are you struggling with prioritizing healthy eating and making it practical in the midst of a busy schedule?

Let’s talk about specific ways to simplify adding nourishing foods and meals to your daily routine!

Are you confused by all the conflicting information you see about food and nutrition from other people, social media, the internet, etc. and don’t know what to listen to?

As a Registered Dietitian I can help you find clarity with evidenced based information and navigate what may be beneficial for you personally.

Are you frustrated by diets that don’t work, are not sustainable, or take all the joy out of eating?

Diets and quick fixes are not the answer. Work with me to start creating a sustainable pattern of eating that helps you to nourish your body, feel better and enjoy what you are eating!

Are you tired of counting calories, feeling guilty for your food choices, not feeling better or seeing results?

I am passionate about helping my clients to develop a healthy relationship with food – not one based on restriction, deprivation or guilt.

Ready to Get Started?

I would love to talk with you!

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