Pillars of Positive Health

6 Week Group Coaching Program

Join Us and Be Empowered to Live Well! 

(Virtual and In-Person Options Available)

Learn and Take Steps To:

Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food

Improve Your Mood

Implement a Plan to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss

Create Realistic Health and Wellness Goals

Gain Stress Management Tips

Increase Your Fitness Level in Ways You Enjoy

Monday evenings at supply manheim (or via Zoom)

Monday January 17th – Monday February 21st

In-Person: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm weekly 

Virtual: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm weekly

Group sizes will be limited to 5 people or less and session times will be updated based on availability.

*Please reach out if you would like to request a private group session for you and several friends.

Cost: $275


Program Content

Week 1 – Your Mindset & Food

    • Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food

Week 2 – Balancing Contentment and Goals

    • Learning to Love Yourself Now While Still Working Toward Positive Change

Week 3 – Nutrition Basics

    • Eating to Feel Well Physically, Mentally and Emotionally

Week 4 – Simple Culinary Staples

    • Discussing ideas for simple healthy meals and stocking your pantry & practicing simple culinary skills to prepare meals efficiently and tastefully

Week 5 – Effective, Efficient, Enjoyable Exercise

    • Learning ways to move your body to support your health from home and with minimal to no equipment

Week 6 – Strategies for Stress Management and Mental Well-being / Next Steps

    • Engaging in strategies to support your mental well-being and creating SMART goals and a plan for moving forward